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http://lalugs.org/ info on other local area lugs can be found here

http://www.google.com/linux Google with a Linux filter

http://www.gnu.org/ Gnu is Not Unix (GNU)

http://www.fsf.org/ Free Software Foundation (FSF)

http://www.eff.org/ The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)

http://www.linuxjournal.com/node/4619 Linux Journal article on how to pick a distribution

http://distrowatch.com/ Distrowatch, information on many Linux distributions

http://www.ibiblio.org/pub/linux/ information and download for many Linux distributions

http://tldp.org/ The Linux Documentation Project documentation for the community by the community

http://linuxgazette.net/ Linux Gazette online Linux magazine

http://www.knoppix.com/ run Linux without having to install, granddaddy of Live-CD distros

http://www.socallinuxexpo.org Southern CAlifornia Linux Expo (SCALE)


SCALE 5x The Fifth Annual Southern California Linux Expo. To be held on February 10-11, 2007, the Southern California Linux Expo will bring together Linux and Open Source Software companies, developers, and users.

http://lalugs.org Los Angeles Linux User GroupS (LALUGS)

http://www.mysettopbox.tv/knoppmyth.html KnoppMyth free DIY home video recorder and entertainment center

http://www-1.ibm.com/linux/index.shtml Linux, Big Blue style, lots of resources

http://www.gnome.org/ GNOME desktop environment

http://www.kde.org/ KDE desktop environment

http://loll.sourceforge.net/linux/links/ SourceForge hosted "Loads of Linux Links"

http://www.linuxlinks.com/ more Linux links

http://www.cups.org/ Common Unix Printing System (CUPS)

===Linux Games Portal=== Here is a list of Linux games and their respective links. Feel free to contribute.

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