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Welcome to the San Fernando Valley Linux Users Group (SFVLUG) wiki. We hope to see you all soon at one of our meetings. If for some reason you are unable to attend a meeting we invite you to visit with us here at the SFVLUG wiki.

Meetings, if you just want to go directly to info on our next meeting including time and venue please go to our Meetings page.

This site is currently hosted by EditThis using MediaWiki software. We will decide whether or not to keep it going here or move it to our own server once our own server is up to speed.

Our primary site is and any information found there is to be considered authoritative. Please use any information in it over this site in the case of conflicting information. This site is not secure and can be edited by someone without authority.




announcements for membership meetings and events provided by SFVLUG


Presentation page. Links to resources and slides.

Special Interest Groups

subgroups of SFVLUG with an interest in a particular area(s) relating to FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software)

Community Portal

external links to the open source community in cyberspace


Linux News



Non-Free News


Linux 101

Newbie Resources

resources for those new to GNU/Linux and/or open source software

Command Line Basics

also see Newbie Resources


instruction beyond one time presentations (none presently scheduled)

Code Vault

looking for more advanced scripts or source code, wanting to donate any bash script or other short and simple code, check this out (also look at Command Line Basics and Newbie Resources)

People Page

personal pages for members (a great place for sharing your interests, create your own personal page)


read/write a review about products or services related to FOSS


Project Page

Active and proposed projects, includes discussion.


SCALE discussion (status, current and future projects, methods, etc)


Linux Advocacy

SFVLUG Advocacy


Wiki Specific Info

info on the wiki software used for this site


Use this area for training and experimentation


Use this area to develop content thats not yet ready for public viewing

About Us

We are a very loosely organized group of GNU/Linux and open source software enthusiasts, that live/work/meet in the San Fernando Valley, a suburb of Los Angeles in Southern Californina. You don't actually need to live in the Valley to join, but attending meetings is more difficult if you don't. Please see our Announcements page for more information on meetings. If you can't attend regular meetings you can still get involved here at this wiki, or in our IRC chat on freenode in #sfvlug.


Previously any posting to this wiki was to be considered in the public domain, see below, but to avoid confusion and to insure that postings aren't improperly used without citation all postings unless otherwise stated are to be considered published under the GNU Free Documentation License.

GNU head

Old copyleft notice

We need to work out copyright/copyleft/public domain issues, so we can include material with restricted licenses, but at this time you should consider any submission to this site as being in the public domain. Do not post copyrighted material to this site no matter what license without the permission of the copyright holder. Any license restricts what you can and can not do with the material, even the GPL. If you need to reference copyrighted material and can't get permission please use an external link to the original material.

Thank you for visiting the SFVLUG wiki.

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