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Here are links to the personal pages of members. You don't have to attend a regular membership meeting to join. Just click on Create an account or login at the top of the page to get an account. Then once you have an account click on your member name to go create your own personal page. Then come back here and make a link to your personal page by entering 'User:UserName your username followed by a pipe symbol and enclosed in double square brackets and enclosed with three equals signs on each end. This is a little different than the way you normally make an internal link in that you will need to preface the invisible part of your link with "User:" as your page was created automatically when you registered. It should look something like this:

===[[User:UserName | UserName ]]===
Something about yourself and/or your interests

You can also check out the existing links found below for more examples.


Personal Pages


I'm come to the sport of Linux as an amateur rather than as a professional. I'm learning Python and have an interest in AI and human/computer interfacing.


I started out as a character in H2G2, but now I'm one of Miasma's alter egos.

Charles Wyble

I have been a member of SFVLUG for several years and maintain a website and blog. I enjoy helping Linux users all over the valley.


Dumpster diver, social engineer, and resident flip-flop.

Jeff Carlson

Professional Sysadmin, Perl hacker, and security enthusiast. This page actually has content so maybe check it out some time.

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Something about yourself and/or your interests

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