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I am Jeff Carlson. I am a Systems Administrator by profession, geek by nature, and Linux advocate by choice. But I must be frank, Linux is only part of my technical passion. I am also very big on other open source operating systems (like the BSDs and OpenSolaris), and just Unix (like Irix and HP-UX) and its kin in general.

I speak Bourne shell and Perl pretty fluently. I've also been known to whip up some pretty useful sed and awk from time to time. My understanding of C is rudimentary but accountable. Quite honestly, I have no love of Java and a reputation of the same.

My weapons of choice are as follows. Fedora is my distro. Gnome (2.x or Mate) is my desktop. Emacs is my editor. Firefox is my browser. Thunderbird is my email client. I choose xchat for IRC but Pidgin for everything else. I love Apache HTTPD. I know sendmail like the back of my hand. I'm also quite handy with Cyrus IMAP. I have done an awful lot of work with OpenLDAP and MySQL. I also use the ISC's BIND and DHCPD quite often. My favorite virtualization technology is still Xen, but qemu and kvm are pretty cool as well.

Additionally I'm proficient with these. I've done a lot with Linux Netfilter, iptables, and its related projects. I have worked a lot with OpenSSH. I'm pretty good with OpenSSL. I've also set up OpenS/WAN and (back when there was one) FreeS/WAN, and also OpenVPN. Since this is covering security tools, I'll mention nmap as well as Snort and ACID. I'm a big fan of SELinux. A couple of my favorite sysadmin tools are cfengine and Nagios.

Lately I have been interested in embedded Linux. I have been playing with uClibc, busybox, dnsmasq, and dropbear a bit.

I would be happy to answer any questions about any of these. I have given a number of presentations on some of them, and I plan to do more as well as include some notes on many of these topics here on this wiki.

As well as being a member of SFVLUG, I am also a contributor to the Fedora Project, and a staff member of SCALE.

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